Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chris & Erin's Wedding

It really is a small world! I met Chris and Erin for their wedding consultation back in early 2008. Erin had been referred to me by one of my brides, who is also Erin's co-worker. So, we met to go over my services, packages, etc. As we are talking, Chris says, "Are you related to Dave Fiereck?" I said, "Yes, he's my husband." Turns out, Chris and Dave went to elementary school together and played soccer together. I am always meeting new people and reconnecting with others through my job. It is a reminder of how interconneted we all really are. Anyways, Chris and Erin tied the knot on 5.16.09. It was a beautiful day and they were a wonderful couple to work with. And the wedding party was a fun group, too! Congratulations to Chris & Erin!

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